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The Art of Resistance: Musicians, actors, poets to stage bold sidewalk show

The politics of right now will literally take center stage along with live music, photography, poetry and more Saturday outside a contemporary arts venue to take a cultural stand against dictatorship. 

Following rising protests in which people – especially younger-generation Thais – call for the government to step down (and some, royal reforms), the Free Arts event will feature a multitude of multidisciplinary artists protesting by what they do best – creating. 

Seven musical acts include resistance frontliners Rap Against Dictatorship, alt-rockers Taitosmitha and indie trio Yellow Fang while politically charged performances play out on stage by the likes of theater troupes from B-Floor, Crescent Moon Theater and more. Lyricists behind a project called Mutation Poem will drop poetry.

Pop-up art against dictatorship? ‘Unmuted Project’ opens a cultural front in Thonglor

Admission is free. Free Arts will run 3pm to 8:30pm on Saturday outside the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre adjacent to BTS National Stadium. 

In the past few years, after the 2014 military coup, state surveillance and censorship grew more intense and limited. Some artists’ practices were visited by soldiers while a few others were asked to remove some of their works for the sake of the country’s “stability.”

Two weeks ago, a member of rap group Rap Against Dictatorship, was one of the “wanted” artists and activists taken into police custody for his involvement with the recent anti-government protests. 


Free Arts
3pm-8:30pm, Sept. 12
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
BTS National Stadium


Pop-up art against dictatorship? ‘Unmuted Project’ opens a cultural front in Thonglor

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